These mountains….

These mountains….

The Vermont state song pretty much says it for me …

These green hills
And silver waters
Are my home
They belong to me
And to all her sons and daughters
May they be strong
And forever free
Let us live to protect her beauty
And look with pride
On the golden dome
They say home is where the heart is
These green mountains
Are my home
These green mountains are my home.

everywhere I went, I was reminded why I live here.

Today….everywhere I went, I was reminded why I live here. Blossoms, sweet, lilac perfume scented air, trees exploding with lush chartreuse green leaves and a familiar ground under my feet. “Welcome home” is what I heard when I when I went to the hardware store…when I went to the bank, the pharmacy, the grocery store, gas station, office and bookstore. People who I didn’t know even were aware I was away extended themselves…I am just overflowing with gratitude for all the blessings in my life. My heart is here…Vermont.